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A Place For Ministry Leaders To Find Mentoring & Shepherding

Find someone who can help.

Josh Teis


Gary Coleman

Dr. Gary Coleman served as Senior Pastor of Lavon Drive Baptist Church for 5 decades.  Through his leadership, the ministry grew and reached thousands for Christ. In the years since his retirement, he has been in popular demand as a speaker. Dr. Coleman also serves as a mentor and as a help to many pastors across the country.

You should contact Gary if...

  • Team building and growing staff leadership

  • How to grow as a leader and adjust to a growing ministry

  • Navigating through philosophical change

  • Guidance for ministry longevity

  • How to continue serving in ministry while caring for a wife facing illness

  • Transitioning ministry for the next generation of leadership

Josh Teis

Tim Wilcox.jpg

Tim Wilcox

Tim and Paula married in 1991, planted a church in 1992 and started a family in 1993. He have 30+ years of pastoring, been through 3 building projects, overcame a church split and dealt with life/family problems. They have 4 grown children and 5 wonderful grandchildren. Their desire continues to lead Choice Baptist Church in grace and truth.  Tim's desire is to finish well.

You should contact Tim if...

  • You help small to mid-sized churches

  • You need to develop vision, strategy and values

  • You struggle with personal, emotional and family health

  • You need help with positive problem solving

  • You are dealing with depression and anxiety

  • You have PK problems

  • You struggle with family and ministry balance

Josh Teis

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In the spring of 2011, Dennis and Hannah Fountain planted Moses Lake Baptist Church, in Moses Lake, WA. Through the years, God has continued to bless the church as well as the Fountains involvement in the community. Dennis serves as a Chaplain for law enforcement, engages in politics, and owns a leadership consulting business. Hannah is heavily involved in the church and also owns her own art business. God has blessed Dennis and Hannah with three kids, Dennis (17), Lina (16), Micah (14).

You should contact Dennis if...

  • You are a church planter

  • You are dealing with loss or trauma.

  • You are training staff or leadership within the church  

  • You are bi-vocational 

  • You are struggling with ministry or family or balance 

  • You are needing help with plans and next steps for church or ministry.

Josh Teis


Paula Wilcox

Paula and her husband Tim planted a church over 30+ years ago.  They have had many great years full of blessings as well as some heartaches. There were many times early in their ministry she wish she had another pastor’s wife to could talk to and find guidance and encouragement without judgment.  They have 4 grown children and 5 small grandchildren and look forward to connecting with you.

You should contact Paula if...

  • You are struggling to forgive someone

  • You need encouragement with a wayward child

  • You need prayer for ministry discouragements

  • You need motivation to start a small business

  • You are growing a strong marriage

  • You are navigating the empty nest

Josh Teis


Randy Justus

Randy has served the Lord for over 37 years, ministering to four generations of the same families in his "small" church setting.

You should contact Randy if...

  • You need encouragement (this is his wheelhouse)

  • You need an experienced sounding board

  • You need someone to pray with you

  • You are overwhelmed or grieving

  • You are a solo pastor in a small church

  • You need help leading business meetings

  • You have a difficult church member

Josh Teis


David Beatty

David has managed a successful career while pastoring a growing church and Christian school for over 10 years. 

You should contact David if...

  • You pastor bivocationally

  • You are considering BiVo pastoring 

  • You are a BiVo pastor looking for a career change

  • You are having difficulty balancing work, ministry, and family

  • You need looking for counsel and encouragement

Josh Teis


Dustin Alley

Dustin Alley has been serving as the lead pastor of Liberty Baptist since 2019. He’s lead this revitalization work through COVID, staff changeover, and transition to an SBC church. Married to his wife Sarah and with three kids Dustin loves serving the local church while running his Leadership and marketing development company on the side. In 2021 he became an Executive director with the Maxwell Leadership Team where he specializes in speaking, coaching, and training on the topic of leadership.

You should contact Dustin if...

  • You are looking for someone to mentor you through change in an established church

  • Are looking for your next step of development in your leadership journey

  • Have questions about running a business as a pastor

Josh Teis


Dave Teis

With 45 years of pastoral experience, Dr. Teis is a wealth of knowledge and treasured friend to so many ministry leaders across the country.

You should contact Dave if...

  • You are needing some encouragement

  • You are ready to lash out at another

  • You are needing someone to pray with you

  • You have questions about raising PK's

  • You are fighting with your wife

  • You haven't yet established a family day

Josh Teis


Lysandra Osterkamp

Lysandra has been in full time ministry for 20 years. She and her husband Thomas are raising their four teenage daughters in Palm Coast, Fl. Lysandra has experience working in a Christian school, church revitalization, church planting, and marriage and family counseling.

You should contact Lysandra if...

  • You are discouraged 

  • You are facing challenges in motherhood 

  • You are trying to heal from ministry hurts

  • You are desiring to grow your woman’s ministry 

  • You are struggling in your marriage 

  • You are in the midst of difficult transition

Josh Teis


Thomas Osterkamp

Thomas is the Lead Pastor of Beachside Community Church in Palm Coast, FL. He has been married to his wife Lysandra for 20 years and together they are raising their four teenage daughters. Thomas has experience in a traditional church setting as well as church revitalization and church planting.

You should contact Thomas if...

  • You are having issues with your wife.

  • You are facing challenges in parenting.

  • You are trying to heal from ministry hurts.

  • You are wanting to establish a discipleship culture.

  • You feel like quitting.

  • You are leading change in your church.

Josh Teis


Josh Teis

Josh and his wife have ministered to the southwest valley at Southern Hills for the past twenty years as they have pastored the people of Las Vegas. The church has grown from a small church plant to 1,000 members in that time. They now have one son, Jonathan David, and two daughters, Savannah Tyler and Scarlett Noel.

You should contact Josh if...

  • You are a Church Planter

  • You are leading your church in change

  • You are Facing Criticism

  • You are raising teenagers

  • Establishing Healthy Pastoral Friendships

Josh Teis

Personal Profile 01 22.jpeg

Harley Snode

With more than two decades of experience as a youth pastor, church planter, and biblical counselor in north central Ohio, Harley has a passion to come alongside other ministry leaders with a listening ear and uplifting spirit.

You should contact Harley if...

  • You are a church planter.

  • You are navigating the teenage years of parenting.

  • You are looking to develop more healthy rhythms in family and ministry.

  • You are looking to get more creative and intentional in sermon preparation.

  • You looking for personal help with ministry discouragement and tension.

Josh Teis

Brown Alana 11 22 1023 rt.JPG

Alana Brown

With 20 years serving in the same ministry that she was raised, Alana Brown has experienced all sides of being in the ministry. She was a pastor’s daughter, a teacher, a youth/assistant pastor’s wife, and now, a Senior pastor’s wife leading the people of a growing church.

You should contact Alana if...

  • Understanding the importance of your role in the church

  • Leading by your husband’s side

  • Receiving criticism

  • Raising children in the ministry

  • Positively leading through change

  • Balancing ministry life with home life

Josh Teis

Tony Liuzzo.jpg

Tony Liuzzo

Tony has been in ministry for over 22 years and is a lead pastor at Fellowship Baptist. He has been married for over 25 years and has 3 kids. Tony's son Logan has been battling cancer since June of 2021.

You should contact Tony if...

  • You are or will be taking over for a long term pastor 

  • You are dealing with a sudden hardship in life

  • You are raising teenagers or young adult children 

  • You are leading a church staff

  • You are leading your church through changes

Josh Teis

Pastor Jeremy Rands.jpeg


Jeremy has been in the ministry for the past 24 years. He has served as a Senior Pastor for the last 10 years.

You should contact Jeremy if...

  • You are dealing with stress caused by ministry

  • You are raising children/teens in the ministry

  • You are recognizing burnout

Josh Teis


Charity Berkey

Charity Berkey grew up in a church planters home and has served in vocational ministry her entire adult life. She is a homeschool mom to her four children. She serves along her husband who has been the associate pastor at their church for the past fifteen years. She is the founder of Encouragement From Women LLC, an online ministry that provides resources for women around the globe.

You should contact Charity if...

  • You are a homeschool mom

  • You manage the church nursery

  • You are new to teaching

Josh Teis


Stephen Ashmore

Stephen has served 20 Years of pastoral ministry ranging from Youth, Music, and Christian School ministry to being a Senior Pastor. He desires to be a help and encouragement for any who are in ministry. You are not alone!

You should contact Stephen if...

  • You are leading change

  • You are facing criticism 

  • You are leading your family through hurt in ministry 

  • You are raising teenagers

  • You feel lonely or discouraged in ministry

  • You need a friend to talk to

Josh Teis

LDBC Headshots0683Jan 18 2020 © 2020 M. Christopher Holloway.jpg

Robby Greene

Robby Greene became Senior Pastor of Lavon Drive Baptist Church in 2014.  Prior to becoming pastor, he served on staff for 17 years at Lavon Drive.  Since his becoming pastor, he has led the church through a revitalization process, and full renovation of the campus facilities resulting in exponential growth.  He is often sought out for his assistance in mentoring other pastors.

You should contact Robby if...

  • Stewardship and financial fundraising

  • Church revitalization

  • Staff and leadership development

  • Church construction and renovation

  • Launching and managing ministries such as school, daycare, and medical outreach

  • Transitioning leadership from one generation to the next

Josh Teis

Pastor Joe Smith II .jpg

Joe Smith II

Joe is the lead pastor of Calvary Baptist in Fairfield, California. Joe has been in ministry for close to 25 years. Over the last 10 years Joe has sought to help those who are struggling and in need of soul care, particularly those in ministry.

You should contact Joe if...

  • Struggling with discouragement, depression, and/or ministry burnout

  • Dealing with a conflict and/or a lack of connection in your marriage

  • Dealing with family issues

  • Struggling to deal with hurt and grief

Pastors and Mentors
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