We Are Community of Friends 

Several years ago a bunch of friends were sitting at a Denny’s after a Church Leaders Conference and we were talking about things we were learning in ministry. 


That particular night as we sat there with some friends tossing ideas back and forth, Josh Teis mentioned how these late-night conversations at a restaurant we’re his favorite part of going to these church leadership events.


And that’s when the light bulb came on! 


More Than A Conference – A Conversation 

We began to ask ourselves; what would it look like if we started a conference that was made up entirely of conversations. 


Conversations around the topics young ministry leaders were actually talking about. 


Not just topics that were relevant ten years ago. 


But conversations where ideas about the most innovative things we were seeing in the church ministry world right now were being shared.  


Eventually that led us to launch the first Idea Network event in January of 2014. 


That day thirty of us sat around a large table sharing innovative church ministry ideas.


It was awesome! 


Since then that event grew into a network of nearly a thousand Pastors with LIVE events all over the United States.

Outside The Box – Inside The Book 

We want to create an environment where innovative ideas can flourish all while maintaining strong roots in the Bible. Click here to see our doctrinal statement. 


We provide events around the country where friendships can be formed and ministry leaders can be equipped. 


We provide LIVE events, coaching, & resources to equip todays Ministry Leaders.  

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