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Launch: March 1, 2020


Support Raise: 40%


Location: Peru, IN


Startup Cost: $30,000


Sent by: Graceway Church


Describe your call to your location

My wife and I were born and raised in the town in which we are planting, and we raised our three boys here.  While I am known to have said I would never plant a church, my wife and I sought a church in our local town in which we could invest as laypeople and where we could invite others.  While we could find solid, healthy churches 30-45 minutes away, we could not find a solid, healthy church in our local context.  While we were not comfortable driving out of our community to attend church, we were presented with an opportunity through Send Network to plant a church within our community.  We look back and recognize the Lord had us in a season to recognize the need, and then we were presented with a call to enter into that need.

Describe your strategy for evangelism in your area.

We are actively laying the framework to develop small groups within the church that are intentional with providing soul care for one another.  These small groups will be an incubator (a safe place) for people to exercise and grow an ability to speak to and address brokenness with Scripture.  This will equip and enable our members to enter into and come alongside and minister into the brokenness we all face in our world.  As our society continues to decline into secularism, we will be prepared to meet our neighbors where they are in their brokenness versus waiting on them to visit our church.  We are actively connected with the Biblical counseling movement with eyes on discipling and evangelizing through it.

Describe your vision for the first 12 months of your ministry.

We are seeking to make disciples who make disciples.  We will continue to invest in Sunday School (66% participation currently).  We will continue to equip men to be leaders at home and church through our designated Pipeline.  We will empower leaders to oversee and facilitate the wholistic spiritual well-being of certain people groups (children, teens, adults, singles, etc) within the church.  And we will be launching small groups focused on mutual soul care to equip and prepare our members to go out and care for the souls of our community.  I am seeking to raise funds for us to be able to support an intern who we can raise up and send out to start a church/ministry.