How do you select the site locations for Idea Day events?

Each location is carefully picked based on a few criteria.

  • PASSION. A passion to further kingdom work
  • LOCATION. Idea Day regionals are strategically placed to bring the Idea Network experience to a specific region, South, Northeast, Midwest, West. We intentionally rotate locations. Accommodations and resources are another factor in the location. We want our delegates to use the opportunity of Idea Day/Summit as get-away as couples or as a staff, not merely a two-day conference. With this in mind, we select locations which have near-by airports, lodging, and activities.
  • FACILITIES. Thefacilities must be such that can accommodate the Idea Day format with one large meeting room, medium size roundtable rooms, and smaller rooms for coaching sessions.

Do I need to come to the night before the event?

As a ministry leader, more often than not, you are involved in the service at hand. This opening service is designed so that you can simply relax and be refreshed by the service. Many who attend the opening service on Monday night mention how much more connected they feel to others in attendance and more prepared they are to receive the ideas the next day. We would highly recommend you arrive in time to attend this service.

Should I fly out the same night?

Many delegates opt to stay a day or two in the area to brainstorm with their staff/teams or even to spend quality family time! Since you’re already in the area, we suggest you take advantage of the opportunity and stay a bit after.

What should I wear?

Idea Network events are casual in nature.