The Host Application form for Idea Night 2021, September 21, will remain open until two months prior to the event. In an effort to keep events local, no site will be approved within 1.5 hours from an already approved site. Hosts must have attended at least Idea Network event in the past. 


 If selected, the Host will receive perks such as 5 free registrations ($150 value) and custom Idea Night merch! A code is required to purchase the box online. As the Idea Night box includes all supplies necessary for the event, the only responsibilities on the host are to appoint a Volunteer Captain to run the event logistics and to invite delegates to attend. That's it! 

Host Site Contact Information:*

This is the address where the Idea Night would be hosted. 


Check if you have read and understand the host information provided here:*

  1. All Idea Night Hosts must have attended at least one Idea Day event in the past.

  2. Hosts agree to not publish the video content provided by Idea Night on any social media platform.

  3. The Idea Day Network Team reserves the right to select specific hosts for specific locations.

  4. I have read and agree to the 2021 Host Expectations.