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Launch: August 1, 2023


Support Raise: 25%


Location: Torrance, CA


Startup Cost: $25,000


Sent by: Bethel Baptist Church of Torrance


coming soon

Describe your call to your location

Sept. 12th 2002, I surrendered to the calling of the voice of God in my heart. In my old Bible you will see this date marked with bold letters right next to it reading "SURRENDERED, FINALLY! IM GOING TO REACH MY PEOPLE BACK HOME!" After seminary, I served at Charity Baptist Church in Somerset NJ as a youth pastor for four years, and God brought me back home newly married and at the perfect time to start a church plant, a pandemic.  During that time of confusion, the one thing that was not in any way confusing was the surety of God's calling on my life to plant a church in my city, Torrance CA.

Describe your strategy for evangelism in your area.

I believe God will multiply His church, ultimately. Evangelism starts in the prayer closet so you can expect our church leaders to be prayed up. To be honest, I come from an old school heritage of door knocking soul winners. I was a bus captain in gang infested south Chicago and let me tell you, knocking doors still works! There will be a huge soul winning, door knocking campaign but we will also be utilizing technology to its fullest. My team will work hard on getting a solid online presence with a fully functioning website, social media like facebook and instagram and mailing campaigns as well. We are going to do our part and I know God will do His to grow His church.

Describe your vision for the first 12 months of your ministry.

The first year will be dedicated to reaching a half-mile radius around the church building. So that every home, apartment, trailer home and person walking those streets know that there is a church that cares for them and that there is a place where they can meet Jesus and His people right there in their neighborhood. The first year will be focused on establishing a reputation of kindness and service to the community.

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