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Official Membership

The Pastor's and Leaders who serve within the Idea Network are more committed than ever to work together to help more churches get planted, more missionaries sent out, and more ministries revitalized.

One way we’re facilitating this is through the launch of the Idea Network Membership Program. We would like you to prayerfully considering becoming an official member by supporting the Idea Network.


Below is a list of benefits to expect when you join as a Official Member.



Weekly Online Roundtable Discussion

Just like the round tables at idea day where a leaders shares some thoughts on a topic and then opens up the conversation to have discussions, ask questions, & share resources we want to continue this throughout the entire year. 


The truth is, there are way too many great ideas to discuss them all at a single annual Idea Day. Especially, when you think about topics like guest assimilation, outreach, leadership development, fund-raising, volunteer acquisition, small groups etc. honestly, there’s just not enough time to discuss them all. And this is exactly why the Idea Network Membership Program is so important.


So now, we’re doing this digitally via zoom every single Tuesday.


We’ll systematically cover relevant topics that are important to you and your church.


The best part is your entire staff and all your lay-leaders will have access to these round tables as well.

Access to the Online Resource Library

This will be packed full of ministry systems, policies & procedures, and other church leadership resources that you can down-load, and customize to use in your local ministry.

Members Only Facebook Group

Be invited to our Exclusive Members-Only Facebook Group where we will continue conversations that happen every Tuesday in our Weekly Roundtable. We will be posting additional resources, and answering questions that people have along the way. 


As we’ve said before we really want to increase our ability to help church planters, missionaries, & ministry revitalizers in the years ahead - And we’re doing this through things like the church planter’s fundraiser luncheon.


Another way we’re doing this is by giving everyone who registers the opportunity to…


Gift A Free Membership To A Church Planter Or Missionary Of Your Choice.


Due to the fact that the Idea Network is helping church planters and missionaries, some have chosen to budget their membership to the Idea Network from their missions budget. Others are doing it through a ministry resource budget or something like that.


However you choose to do it—we hope that this will be mutually beneficial and valuable to everyone involved.


Screen Shot 2021-07-19 at 7.53.21 PM.png

I've already benefited from being apart of this group for about a month and can't wait to see what the next 12 months holds. Also, have staff or laymen who could benefit from being poured into from other leaders? This is the place to send them. Weekly roundtable discussions, practical content posted often, and a group of ministry leaders that have a desire to connect and strengthen with you for the sake of the gospel.

Dustin Alley

Charter Member




    Membership - Monthly

    Every month
    High-Capacity Leaders
    • Weekly Member-Only Virtual Roundtable ($1,200)
    • Idea Network Resource Library ($1,000)
    • Exclusive Facebook Group ($1,000)
    • Free Member-Only Events ($250)
    • BONUS: Swag Box ($350)
  • Membership - Yearly

    Every year
    High-Capacity Leaders
    • Weekly Members-Only Virtual Roundtable ($1,200)
    • Idea Network Resource Library
    • Exclusive Facebook Group ($1,000)
    • Free Member-Only Events ($250)
    • BONUS: Swag Box ($350)
  • Supporting Member

    Every month
    Support Idea Network as a ministry
    • Bonus: Idea Network Tumbler ($37)
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