Launch: March 21, 2022


Support Raise: 12%


Location: Springfield, MO


Startup Cost: $7,000


Sent by: Hillside Baptist Church


Describe your call to your location

After helping with 2 church plants in St. Louis for a total of about six years, we came back home to Springfield, MO.  It was three years ago, Debbie and I felt the call to return to our hometown of Springfield, MO to facilitate a change to our family stability. My (now Nineteen-year-old son) had at that time been diagnosed with a disease known as hematidrosis. He literally sweats blood when he anticipates any triggered event (good or bad). This acute anxiety trigger has made for a stigmatized life and a need for learned resilience instead of learned helplessness. 


It was in these moments of praying for my son that the Lord confirmed that we would be geographically staying in my hometown to live for the long haul. As I began to move throughout the city working as a drywall contractor, I began to notice the immense spiritual decline and the costly effects of Covid to our city. To borrow an overly popularized phrase, “the buckle had fallen off of the Bible belt”.  It was at this time that God indicated that it was time to start Shepherding my city and to steward the gospel to the next generation, that deserves to hear it and be saved as I did. We now meet and hold regular church services in a one thousand square foot store front building near the hub of happening Springfield.

Describe your strategy for evangelism in your area.

My strategy for evangelism is having a love for souls and the desire to meet people where they are at.  I am a bi-vocational Pastor, and this opens doors of opportunity for some divine appointments.  Recently, I was doing some drywall work for a lady who shared with me that she had just found out she had cancer.  This dear lady told me before she told her grown children because we had built a rapport, and I was able to minister to her needs immediately.  


On the second Saturday of each month, we have Second Saturday Soul Care.  We door knock systematically, and sometimes do Random Acts of Kindness.  By scheduling this, we are providing the opportunity for our people to fulfill the Great Commission.  I try to go out systematically twice a week, working through a list of 45 or so names that we have had meaningful contact with. This strategy of faithfulness is usually followed by a season of fruitfulness.

Describe your vision for the first 12 months of your ministry.

10 to get in!  We have rented a store front in Southwest Springfield, MO and are looking for 10 families to get all in as a core organic growth strategy.  We have been using Facebook boost to interact with those within a 3-mile radius of the church.  We then visit those who reach out to us and greet them with freshly baked homemade bread to invite them to church.  Some of those online interactions have turned into first time guests.  We have also had many good contacts by door knocking and “Random Acts of Kindness”: both have resulted in getting some of those precious people through the doors of True North Baptist Church!