Launch: September 6, 2021


Support Raise: 75%


Location: Palm Coast, FL


Startup Cost: $15,000


Sent by: Beachside Community Church


Describe your call to your location

Describe your strategy for evangelism in your area.

My wife and I were comfortable leading our established church that we grew up in. Our church was stable and growing and we were personally comfortable financially. It was evident God opened the door for us to come to Palm Coast, Florida to lead Beachside Community Church, a seven-year-old portable church that meets in the local high school. It has been a step of faith that He has asked us to walk and we gladly take it.

We encourage everyone in our church to have at least one person that they are trying to reach. We put an invitation to the current sermon series on every seat every week for people to be inviting others every week. We host strategic outreach events, participate in community events, and are active in our local high school where we meet for worship.

Describe your vision for the first 12 months of your ministry.

The first 12 months will be spent rebranding the church and raising our visibility in our community, developing a culture of inviting by placing an invitation to the current sermon series on every seat every week, emphasizing evangelism and application of the Bible by starting sermon based Connection Groups, and equipping disciple makers by implementing our spiritual mentoring program.