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Idea Network is a place to  share ideas 
for  all ministry leaders.


To provide inspirational and collaborative environments (both virtual and real-world)

in which a Christian minister can share methodological ideas, philosophical ideas, and theological ideas without fear of embarrassment or reprisal.



Idea Days, Idea Nights, Idea Summits, and Idea Mentoring are all intentionally designed to spark imagination, encourage collaboration, and inspire ministry leaders to new heights of creativity and accomplishment.



In the next few years we look to grow our network to include thousands of ministry friends who are being helped by the collaborative environments of the Idea Network.  We dream of connecting these gifted leaders to one-another for inspirational ideas; and to ministry partnerships for practical growth.


Eventually we dream of revitalizing churches on a national scale, partnering with missionaries around the world, teaming up with church planters around the country, and helping ministry leaders

find the perfect ministry fit.

Church Revitalization

There are hundreds of churches that are walking toward oblivion.  We can inspire them toward health and life.  There are thousands of ministry leaders who are walking toward burnout.  We can care for them, love them, and encourage them in their walk with Christ.

International Evangelism

We believe that it takes far to long for the average independent missionary to reach the foreign field.  Our goal is to come alongside of the missionary, point them to a solid sending church, connect them to a beneficial mission’s agency, and encourage them as they fulfill the calling of God in their lives.

North American Church Planting

When churches die, we must replant.  There has never been a greater need for church planting in our nation than there is right now.  We dream of becoming one of the great church planting organizations the United States will ever know.

Ministry Placement

We can help connect the right ministers to the right ministries.  Idea Network dreams of day we can assist both church and candidate through the hiring process by providing Biblical Counsel, Action Plan for Growth, and temporary financial stipend.


We provide events around the country

where friendships can be formed and ministry leaders can be equipped. We provide LIVE events, coaching,

& resources to equip todays

Ministry Leaders.

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