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Launch: February 5, 2023


Support Raise: 80%


Location: North Texas


Startup Cost: $13,000


Sent by: Fountain of Life Baptist Church


Describe your call to your location

Describe your strategy for evangelism in your area.

I was a youth pastor for 7 years, and near the end of my tenure there, God began doing a work in my heart, and pushing my desires more towards my hometown, and surprisingly, pastoring. It grew into a passion, something I couldn’t ignore. Choosing the mid-Cape was just where God led us, and we went through open doors.

We want to establish connections with our community through servant evangelism, service projects, and one-to-one outreach whereby we train our people to reach their coworkers and neighbors through personal relationships over time. Mass invite distributions with our outreach teams, and once/ month personal evangelism outreaches. Our assimilation and discipleship systems will be a key to our outreach. Targeted Facebook ads around our sermon series campaigns. Collegians for Christ college outreach ministry.

Describe your vision for the first 12 months of your ministry.

We believe that God is leading us to the North Texas area, to plant a church that preaches the gospel, has a vibrant worship ministry, begins broadcasting on Facebook Live, and has an aggressive follow-up and assimilation program. We are believing God to allow us to reach, assimilate and disciple 100 people in our first year, and begin small groups. We are starting in a school, and desire to find a building to lease.