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Teenage Reflections from Idea Summit 2023

Idea Network desired that this year's Summit be an opportunity to pour into not only you as a ministry leader but also your entire family. Our goal is to invest in and inspire you and your children. That is why we provided a children's track and a teen track during the Summit.

There were special messages geared to teenagers living the ministry life with their parents. These messages concentrated on the value of Pastor's kids, missionary's kids, and any ministry leader's kids. The content of the sermons focused on their mental and emotional health. We desire to see your children thrive in their own spiritual lives. These messages were focused on their specific and unique spiritual needs as well.

The teen track at the Summit was designed to facilitate young people making connections with other kids in the ministry who are facing the same struggles and challenges they face. It was awesome to see these teens making new friendships and exchanging contact information so these new relationships can continue long after the conference's end.

We wanted this week to be fun for your teenagers as well. We believe your children need to be children and a big part of that is having fun. Our amazing youth leaders created fun activities to bless the teens at the conference all week.

Beautiful eruptions of teenage laughter could be heard down the church hallways at Idea Summit 2023.

We believe God did great things in the hearts of the teenagers who attended the conference, but don't take our word for it.

Here's what the teens from Idea Summit 2023 are saying...

My favorite part about the conference was the challenging conversations I got to have with other teens as well as leaders. I learned a lot about what to do during spiritual challenges; it gave me a lot of peace.


I loved meeting new people, playing games, and learning more about them. -Lilly I think the Idea Summit was very good because it focused on the children who are pastor's kids. Sometimes we are the ones that are in a Glasshouse. We don’t necessarily have the option of asking questions because if we do ask a question, it’s like, oh what’s wrong, just because we don’t have all the answers, so I think it was very good. It was interesting to hear other people's explanations to good questions. It was not only being able to connect, but to hear their side of the story. It was just a really relaxing week to hear you don’t have to be perfect. You can be open to other people and it’s ok to relax and not necessarily push yourself to the limit like killing yourself but take a break. It is very good to open yourself, relax in the Lord, then go back to work, and serve but, in a healthy environment while you do that.

-Trey The best thing about the Summit was Volleyball and the sermons specifically toward the pastor's kids.


My favorite part of Idea Summit 2023 was meeting new people and making friends. In the messages I thought it was cool how we got to ask questions. When he did questions and answers, someone would ask a question; he was smart and had great answers.

-Abigail My favorite part of Idea Summit 2023 was the worship.


I liked all the volleyball and the music. I learned that you have to set time aside to rest because in ministry we serve and go all the time, but we need rest.

-Isabella My favorite thing was playing volleyball with friends and the great messages.

-Savannah Teis My favorite part was the music and new friends I made. It was like PK camp.

-McKenzie I liked the Worship and the messages that were toward Pastor’s kids and making lots of new friends. I liked the message that talked about emotions and sound checks in your mind. Thoughts can create a big pathway. I learned how God loves me for me. I don’t have to perform. I think my whole family grew at this conference.


I really liked the preaching. I liked how it was directed to the teens specifically. The Q&A helped a lot. I liked how went deep into the questions. I liked the snow - that was the best part!


I liked the music and making new friends with others pastor's kids. You don’t have to be fake because God knows who you are, and he loves you for you.

-Kathryne My favorite part of the week was meeting new people and getting closer to people that I had already met. I enjoyed finding out more stuff I had in common with them besides being kids in the ministry. Also, I really enjoyed the worship and the Q&A session.


It was a pleasure to invest in the lives of your teenagers at Idea Summit 2023!

One Big Idea: Ministry kids need to make connections with friends, be fed spiritually, and be encouraged just as their parents do.

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