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Session tracks are just one of the ways Idea Summit stands out from any other conference. During the 3-day retreat, you and your family can attend a variety of small group sessions specific to your position as a ministry leader and parent. Every session will provide a free resource and opportunity for everyone to discuss and ask questions.

How to Keep Marriage and Ministry Fresh After Decades Together. 
Josh & Heather Teis
Josh Teis.webp

After 20 years of ministry and marriage, we've discovered that romance and adventure are not memories of the past, but realities of the present. We want you to have the happiest home lives possible as we share with you the 7 secrets to a refreshing marriage.

Raising Ministry Kids Without Messing Them up
Thomas & Lysandra Osterkamp 

Through the process of raising four daughters, we have learned some serious lessons. We will share our mistakes and successes, as well as research we have uncovered and the experiences we have had to raise kids to love God first and the ministry second. 

How to Effectively Minister to Single Mom's and Their Kids 
Sean and Jackie Teis 
6N1A1460-1 copy.jpeg

Minister to the single moms and their children in your church and community helping them break the cycle for future generations! We will give a detailed guide on how to launch a single mom ministry that can also be used as an outreach! 

Leading Your Family Through Ministry Hurt
Stephen Ashmore 

When hurt comes in ministry from within the church, the entire family is impacted by it. How do you lead yourself and your family to look to Christ through the hurt and come out the other side still loving God ready to serve in ministry?

How to Win in Ministry without Losing in Marriage
Paul and Martha Davis

Paul and Martha have been married for 30 years and while they do not have the perfect relationship, they desire to give you a glimpse into their marriage. During this session they will share several biblical principles from scripture that have helped their commitment to one another thrive. 

Raising Kingdom Kids
David Teis
Dave Teis.jpg

How in this sinful world can we raise our kids for the Kingdom? It seems like an impossible task. Fighting against the world's indoctrination can become exhausting, but God has given us all the tools we need to raise Kingdom Kids. 

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