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The Blended

The Idea Summit kicks off with a powerful night of praise and worship, led by full choir, orchestra, and platform singers. It's a multi-generational team, because we believe that providing opportunities to young people establishes the passion and skills to produce life-long worshipers and worship leaders. The production of this service is fully live, with no tracks and leverages the gifts of some of Lavon Drive's most talented musicians, with vocal, instrumental, and dance features sprinkled throughout. Older and newer songs are blended together and presented with modern, high-energy orchestrations that make the service feel cohesive and modern without compromising the familiarity of the older songs in the set.


The Acoustic

There isn't one style that's "most effective" for leading worship. And even if your church has a typical style, it can sometimes be nice to change it up, as we are doing this morning. A simple drum setup, acoustic instruments, and a trio of vocals lend an intimate feel to this setup. A unique feature to the sound for this service is one of the vocals regularly singing a "high harmony," above the melody line.


The Contemporary

Many churches utilize a praise team/band setup, with a few vocals, rhythm/lead guitars, bass, piano/synth, and drums. It's familiar, it's accessible, and it can be incredibly effective for leading your church in worship. Tonight, the band and singers from Lavon Drive's Spanish service lead us in a high-energy, contemporary worship experience. Last night Lavon Drive led us in multi-generational worship; tonight it will be multi-lingual! Don't worry, most will be in English, but be prepared to brush up a little on your Español!



The Minimalist

Authentic worship can be experienced in any size church with any size ensemble - it doesn't take a massive team to be able to meet with God. In fact, sometimes it's great to cut away the complexity and simplify, where the focus isn't on the spectacle of production, but on the subject of our worship. That's the focus of Wednesday morning: simple, authentic, focused. One singer with one guitar, backed by an iPad running Multitracks to fill out and flavor the sound. In addition to being a nice option to add variety to your typical worship experience, it's a perfect setup for a new church with a shallow talent pool or for a department in a larger church looking to add a live music element to its strategy.


The Collaboration

Don't be afraid to partner with other churches in your area to supplement your team when needed! God has gifted others in your community with strengths that can be a help and inspiration to your team, a blessing to your congregation, and can infuse variety into your worship experiences. Our closing service features a collaboration of worship leaders from across the Idea Network and is a picture of the unity that exists among the body of Christ, even beyond the walls of our respective churches. Utilizing Planning Center Online (PCO) for organization and distribution of resources was key to the success of this service. The setlist was planned collaboratively, everyone practiced on their own using tracks uploaded to PCO, and then it all came together for the first time Wednesday afternoon in advance of the closing service. Creative gifts, common passions, and a commitment to excellence: find others in your community with these qualities, and collaborate!

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