Launch: April 3, 2022


Support Raise: 76%


Location: Fort Valley, GA


Startup Cost: NA


Sent by: River City Baptist Church & Gospel Light Baptist Church


Describe your call to your location

Describe your strategy for evangelism in your area.

I grew up in Georgia and God allowed me to be a youth pastor at my home church and then began to work on our hearts about pastoring. After a pastoral internship, prayer and seeking, God made it clear. There were 13 wonderful members at this church is in a growing area, next to a new High School, an Air Force base nearby, and an 8 acre property sitting on a busy 4 lane highway.

Primarily members engaging in evangelism every day through community involvement, events in the community, events at the church, public schools, etc. We are located right next to a brand new high school and will be involved. There are a lot of events in our community at parks and fairgrounds. Through Social Media/website. Through special days to invite people.

Describe your vision for the first 12 months of your ministry.

My vision is to see a church that was about to close its doors get back on mission and reach people in the community and make disciples here in middle GA and around the world. To preach faithfully the Word of God each week and help Christians grow in their faith. To see our property look like there is life again. To be involved in the community.