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The Idea Network Even Team works hard to maintain a variety of sessions that are relevant to both the culture and dynamics of each individual event. Here are a few tips to help you select your topic: What is the best idea you’ve had or implemented in your ministry in the last 12 months?  What are you most passionate about and experienced in? The general framework for the session is all that is required for this application. The uploads portion of this application is not required to submit your application.  

If your break out session is selected for an event, you will be given a registration code for that event along with the timeframe for registration. Using this code is your confirmation that you will be coaching. If a particular session type (coaching, roundtable, panel) is full, we can discuss changing the format.

Choose the Idea Network event you are applying for:

General Contact Information:*


Select the format you believe your session would best be presented:*

Training Session

  • 20-25 minutes of instruction

  • 35-40 minutes of discussion

  • Offer as many resources as possible

Roundtables (Theological & Methodological)

  • 10-20 minutes to "set the table" for 40-50 minute discussion

  • Prepare questions/scenarios to keep the momentum

  • As a moderator, stay neutral while managing the conversation


Upload your session notes/outline:

You may upload a very simplified version of your presentation. This is to give us a general grasp on your content.

Upload File

Upload the five resources related to your session that you will reference to delegates in your session.​

Upload File

Upload your powerpoint/keynote presentation:

*not required

Upload File

Upload a high-quality headshot of yourself*

For consistency, please upload a high quality photo of only yourself, shoulders square to the camera, on a generally solid background.

Upload File
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